David R Munson, Photographer

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Shanghai Environment

Shanghai Environment

A small, solitary figure in dark clothing carries a bouquet of flowers carelessly in his right hand as he walks obliquely away from the viewer, making his way along one side of the site of a recently-demolished building. To his left, a modern office tower rises from behind a concrete wall that is marked with spray-painted ten- and eleven-digit numbers. Between the office building and the wall rises an inconsistent row of trees, two of them apparently dead. It is unapparent where the man is going. It is unapparent where he even could be going. 


This body of work explores the process of trying to find one’s place in an intensely impersonal urban environment through a careful examination and reevaluation of the space through which one navigates. 

A publication of Shanghai Environment, including an in-depth essay and a larger selection of images, is in the works. Get notified when it's released.