David R Munson, Photographer

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David's /Now

This is a page summarizing what I'm doing now. Now as in currently. It is updated somewhat regularly with an earnest interest in keeping it fairly up to date and linked to my actual daily life.

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Last updated 2023-06-29

What I'm up to now (in no particular order):

  • Still working my day job as an English teacher, which I need to keep my immigration status. Looking to make my exit as soon as that’s doable.
  • Making photographs as often as I can, but frankly frustrated with my lack of finished results. Reorganizing parts of my life to make sure I’m shipping creative work more consistently.
  • Starting work on a bunch of still life exercises that will be the basis of a new portfolio as I attempt to launch myself as a still life/product/food photographer in the near future.
  • Redesigning my sites, moving things around will now be for my commercial portfolio, this site ( will be the home of my fine-art work and personal projects. 
  • Redoing Somewhere in Japan from the ground up so that it actually works the way I want it to. I had it going in the wrong direction, which I’m fixing now. 
  • Beginning to organize my digital garden, which will soon be public over at Convergence Factor
  • Cycling more often, trying to get in at least 10 km every day, with longer rides when I can. It’s helping my fitness, but also my mental state. 
  • Enjoying my home life with my wonderful partner and absurd cat. 

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