Success, Served on a Cone

The cover of the book Ice-Cold Profits by Brian Zeit displayed on a generic tablet device

What’s even better than ice cream? Your own successful business.

Picture yourself running your own ice cream stand, taking the winter off every year, and making a tidy profit along the way.

Many people already run their own thriving ice cream businesses. You can do it, too, and this handy guide from food industry expert Brian Zeit is here to help you.

Don’t know how it all works? Not sure how to get started? Not a problem!

In Ice-Cold Profits, Brian guides you through all the essentials so that you can begin the journey to running your own successful ice cream stand.

About the Author

Author Brian Zeit

Brian Zeit is an accomplished sales and operations leader with more than eighteen years of enterprise, retail, and food-service experience. With a forward-thinking, value-added approach, he strives to propel business growth through employee development, analytical insight, strategic alignment, and new business development. A lover of all thing’s food and restaurant, Brian is a frequent podcast guest and writer. He also holds a Lean Six Sigma Green Belt and has won multiple awards for operational excellence and sales performance.